Top-Down / Thematic Investing

Deep dive into the sector of potential interest and identification of growth pockets across geographies based on the client’s investment criteria.

Broad Industry Overview
  • Discuss the value chain or process flow of the broader industry
  • High-level current and addressable market size and notes on growth outlook
  • Major growth drivers, trends, competitive landscape, regulations, and sector economics
  • Relevant regional and macro analysis
Industry Breakdown and Segmentation
  • Segments can be categorized by products/services, applications, end-markets, geographies, etc.
High-Level Overview of the Identified Segments
  • Definition of each segment and further categorization into sub-segments (by products, services, applications, end-markets)
  • Size and growth outlook (for segment and sub-segments)
  • Overview of specific KPIs, if any
  • Relevant growth drivers, trends, competitive landscape, sector economics
Segment Attractiveness Evaluation and Identification of Attractive Growth Pockets
  • Summary of all segments by level of attractiveness (low, neutral, high) and identification of the most attractive growth pockets
  • Quantitative data points include relevant comparable KPIs, market size, growth outlook, penetration, market share, etc.
  • Evaluation by qualitative factors such as cyclicality, seasonality, concentration/fragmentation level, pricing power, scope to differentiate, availability of actionable targets
Competitive Landscape and Targets Screening
  • Identification of relevant major players and targets across segments
  • Market mapping and operating margins analysis
  • Detailed one-page profile on each of the player
Investors' Interest
  • Recent private equity and strategic transactions across segments along with major exits
  • Trading comps of most relevant public companies
  • Detailed case studies on specific relevant private equity transactions to discuss the deal consideration and validate value creation playbook
Networking Opportunities
  • Industry specific Investment bankers / key influencers / financial advisors details
  • Key industry events / conferences schedule
Investment Thesis
  • Discussion of major growth drivers and trends that are influencing the industry
  • Connecting the dots and highlighting positive investment attributes
Investment Risks/Concerns
  • Layout of the key industry-specific or macro headwinds that may hinder the industry’s performance going forward
  • Comment on concentration, pricing variability, cyclicality, seasonality, new technology or disruptive business models risks, etc.
Value Creation Strategies/Playbook
  • Identification of the most attractive position across the broader value chain and discussion on possible integration opportunities
  • Discussing strategies to not get squeezed by large market participants and to the extent possible, analyzing precautionary measures for uncontrollable macro factors
  • Assessment of value generation and go-to-market strategies


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